Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Me Again, God

Remember me, God?

Paradise Sunset by Diane Romanello
Paradise Sunset

I come every day
Just to talk with You, Lord,
And to learn how to pray...

You make me feel welcome,
You reach out Your hand,

I need never explain
For You understand...

I come to You frightened
And burdened with care
So lonely and lost
And so filled with despair,

And suddenly, Lord,
I'm no longer afraid,
My burden is lighter
And the dark shadows fade...

Oh, God, what a comfort
To know that You care,
And to know when I seek You
You will always be there!

Helen Steiner Rice

image courtesy of All Posters


Beka said...

This is beautiful, Mimi!

And suddenly, Lord,
I'm no longer afraid,
My burden is lighter
And the dark shadows fade...

How true, those words. Thank you for sharing these wonderful verses.

I like your new blog design :-)

Beverly said...

Your music is lovely, as is the wonderful poem you posted. What a comfort that we need never explain because He understands! God bless you, dear Mimi.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Mimi..I said that last night, God it's me, deena
are you there??

fondly, Deena

Mimi said...

Thanks Beka,
it is so wonderful to know that God is there in the dark shadows to fade them away for us...

thank you for your sweet comment,
I'm glad you like my music....

I am so glad that you felt God with you last night!! I am praying for you so hard that you and your hubby will feel God's hand and comfort in this cross that you are asked to bear....

Karen said...

How beautiful.
Blessings to you today,

Mimi said...

thanks Karen,
I'm glad you stopped by...

Cathy said...

Everything looks beautiful, and the music is lovely. I enjoyed the pretty picture and poem.

Christie Belle said...

How beautiful, and so very true. Just what I needed to read today...thank you.

Jodi said...

This is a beautiful, Mom.