Saturday, December 1, 2007

Heaven Sweet Heaven, Home at Last

Lonely the life, when Christ is void,
Long are the roads, when traveled alone.
Long are the nights, that you extend,
While passing through this world with out Him.
Man Walking the Path of Philosophy, Kyoto, Kinki, Japan by Greg Elms
Man Walking the Path of Phil
Kyoto, Kinki, Japanosophy,

Dark is the night that knows not love,
Darker still yet, if it comes from above.
No heavenly Mansion looms in your sight,
But a cold dark dungeon to chill your night.

When your time has passed, no angel band,
No chance to shake sweet Jesus hand.
No chance to see him on His throne,
Only cold dark shadows will lead you on.

So while you live, from day to day,
Don't let the world, lead you astray.
Feed on the word that God has supplied,
And pray for salvation, before your time;
God and His Angels Enthroned on High in the Heavens by Beatrice Adams
God and His Angels Enthroned on High in the Heavens

Then in the love of Jesus you'll be
The battle is won, sweet victory.
No time to sorrow, o'er things of the past.
Heaven sweet Heaven, Home at last.

Written and copyrighted@2007
by Joe Nelson

These are the words to a song written by my sweet husband. I only wish I could post the music also, but I do not have the capabilities to do that.


The Preacher said...

I really enjoyed your blog

Cathy said...

Those words are just wonderful, Mimi, tell Joe. I wish I could make that silly copyright sign online! I love your music playing, Mimi.

Mimi said...

thank you for visiting my blog.. please come visit again....

Thank you Cathy for those kind words I will certainly tell Joe that you liked his song...

Karen said...

Oh my....he's so talented. I love these words.

Mimi said...

Thanks Karen,
He does enjoy his music.....

nannykim said...

Yes, Life is so rich with Jesus. Hey , how is your friend Pat doing?

nannykim said...

Yes, Life is so rich with Jesus. Hey , how is your friend Pat doing?

Shelby said...

Absolutely love the Christmas music you have playing... makes my soul soar.

Patty said...

how beautiful !

Saija said...

that blessed my heart! your husband was really inspired by the Lord when he wrote that ...

i'm so glad you shared it!

Jodi said...

Dad [and Mom ;o)] ~ This song really makes one think about the emptiness of life without Christ as Lord. I was looking at a list of famous atheists last night (weird, I know, but I was researching someone's beliefs). I just felt so overwhelmingly sad for those people.

I love the way you ended the song on a positive note. As a child of God the battle is won and Heaven is home. Beautiful, touching song!!

Mimi said...

I am so glad that you saw the emptiness of the beginning and the wonderful secure feeling of being Home at last at the ending !!!

He is going to sing it at church this coming Sunday!!

Jodi said...

Mom ~ I asked Brian how to do the copyright sign. (He saw it on someone's blog that has an Etsy shop.)

Hold down the "Alt" key and press 0196 on your number keypad. When you release the "ALT" key after typing the numbers the © will just pop up!

NOTE: This did NOT work when I just used the number line above the letters ... it HAS to be the number keyboard (at least on our computer). Just thought you'd like to know! :o) I'm heading over to Cathy's to let her know.

Jodi said...

PS ~ Tell Dad I wish I could be there Sunday to hear him sing! :o) I know it'll sound wonderful.

Jodi said...

Okay - I really am not trying to drive up your comments into numbers unheard of in the blogging world - LOL!

I cut and pasted those directions into Cathy's comments and realized I'd made a typo on the number - UGH!

The correct copyright code (using the number keypad) is hold down "ALT" and type 0169.

Note the new number -- "alt" 0169 = ©.

Love ya! [and sorry about the million - gazillion comments *and* the typo!]