Monday, December 10, 2007

Who's Driving That Car ?

That my friends would be my Grandson!!!

Yes, there is yet another Teen age driver on the roads...
so everyone look carefully in your rear view mirror!!

Times Square Traffic And Pedestrians On Snowy Day
Times Square Traffic And Pedestrians On Snowy Day

The State has issued another drivers license today
and Brian is "on the Road Again"!


Now if you will slow down a little I will catch up with you.

this is me coming up behind in my little ole Coupe!!
always driving in the slow lane...

Love ya,

1956 El Morocco Convertible Coupe
1956 El Morocco Convertible Coupe

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Jodi said...

LOL ~ I know how drivers drive in your state! ;op

Psst - You should tell everyone how you got your license. (*hee*hee) It's almost as unique a story as you and daddy meeting on a blind date. :oD

Cathy said...

Very cute, Mimi. Congratulations, Brian!

Mary Isabella said...

I know that is one happy young man. Blessings to you. Mary

Be Inspired Always said...

A Blind date story? Do tell!


Anna S said...

Good for you, Brian! :)

Mary said...

Congratulations, Brian. Please drive carefully.

I love that coupe. Aren't the old classics beautiful. Enjoyed my visit and what wonderful news that your grandson is now a driver.


Mimi said...

you will have to go to my post of December 3rd for the Blind Date Story!!

Susan P. said...

What a special day for Brian! Your post made me smile, Mimi:o)

Adrienne said...

Congratulations to Brian. I'm sure he will do fine on the roads - my kids survived! And so did we.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Check in soon - I'll show you inside the cottage.


Mixednuts said...

This is a cute post. You seem to have wonderful relationship with your grandson.

Saija said...

in our town, it seems that 50% are young drivers and the other 50% has gray hair! ... makes for an interesting mix! ... :o)

blessings on you!

Daughter of the King said...

We have some pretty crazy drivers in my neck of the woods...not to mention logging trucks...they make me crazy...
Congratulations to Brian...and always love a good blind date story

Beka said...

Hee hee. Congratulations to Brian!

Julie's Jewels said...

Oh boy!! I sure do know what you mean about those boys getting their licenses. I was scared to death for my son when he got his. So far the Lord has protected him in some very dangerous situations. Thank God for His protection over our children and ourselves on those roads out there.

Nancy said...

I have a grandson & grandaughter driving so liberating for them, but scary for us oldsters