Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Didn't Have Time

I got up early one morning
and rushed right into the day!
I had so much to accomplish
That I didn't have time to pray.

Problems just tumbled about me,
and heavier came each task

"Why doesn't God help me?" I wondered
He answered, "You didn't ask!"

Wooden Doors

I tried to come into God's presence
I used all my keys at the lock
God gently and lovingly chided
"Why , child, you didn't knock."

Lightning, Thunderstorm, Weather, Sky, Clouds by Panoramic Images
Lightning, Thunderstorm, Weather, Sky, Clouds

I wanted to see joy and beauty
But the day toiled on, gray and bleak
I wondered why God didn't show me
He said, "But you didn't seek."

I woke up early this morning
And paused before entering the day

I had so much to accomplish
That I had to take time to pray.

Prayer by Jo Moulton

In Him, Mimi

pictures courtesy of all posters


Adrienne said...

Thanks for posting these today, Mimi. They spoke to my heart. One of these days I will share a Martin Luther quote I found on my father's desk just days before he went to be with the Lord he loved much. He was a man of prayer.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving your comments this morning. I heard the praise song on the radio while driving this week and I have been singing it ever since.

Pam said...

Mom, I love this poem - always rings true - when we are too busy for God, we are just TOO busy. Love you! Pam

Sarah said...

Beautiful and so true. A wonderful and needed reminder.

Mimi said...

thanks for stopping by, this poem is a good reminder to myself to remember to pray before I start each and every day...

we both know that sometimes we are too busy doing busy work to stop and ask God for his guidance before the day starts...we're good at calling out to him during our busy problems... but we (I) need to remember to turn the day over to him before I have the chance to mess it up...


thanks for stopping by, I pray that my posts can be a blessing to someone...

Cathy said...

How true that is, Mimi, and the post is so pretty. You are really artistic when it comes to placing your pictures.

Mimi said...

Thank you dear cathy,
you are always such an encouragement

Lille meg said...

Thank you very much for these words! Oh, they are so true, and I can recognize myself. So often I dosen't take time to prayer, and then the day will be like it is.

Can I copy this verses in my blog, and tell my visitors that I have taken it from you?

Have a nice day!

Mimi said...

Lille Meg
thank you for your kind words... yes you can copy it into your blog if you wish...