Thursday, January 31, 2008

I want What She Has !!!

What Everybody has is obviously not what God intends for us; otherwise we would have the same things.

We may realize this reality;
but we are pressured by children,
spouses, parents, and coworkers to have
and to give "things" that mean absolutely nothing to the Kingdom of God.

Although we try to protect our children and raise them the right way, they still will ask for the latest toy or the new trend in clothes. When we ask them why they want these things, we usually get the same response -- because someone else has them..
Envy begins early, even as toddlers,
when one child wants what another child is holding.
This is when we need to begin to teach our children
about sharing and about being happy with what we have in our own hands.

Two Children Compare Their Eggs on the Grass by Ida Waugh
Two Children Compare Their Eggs on the Grass

Our spouses, although they usually know better,
aren't immune to an occasional twinge of envy either.

Perhaps we have not gone out to dinner lately, haven't had a vacation in a couple of years, still have furniture from when we were first married -- all the things that we have been brainwashed into thinking make a marriage successful..
Then our neighbors gladly keep us up-to-date on their trips, new cars, and gadgets.
We should be happy for them, remembering to be thankful for what God has provided our household.

We should be content with our life because we have the Holy Spirit with us each day, guiding us according to God's plan.

Envious attitudes are contagious.

All too easily we absorb these feelings from those around us, and all too easily we pass them along to others. To deal with envy, we have to always remember that we have the greatest possessions of all:

salvation, God, and eternal life
nothing else is necessary, and nothing else can compare

Envy invites unrest;

There's no way for us to have any peace and rest if we are concerned about the worldly goods of someone else.

We must be at peace with what we have, knowing God will always provide for our needs -- even if He doesn't always give us our "wants."

Most honorable Father God, I pray today that you'll remind me to be thankful for all that you have provided for me. I know that you have a plan for me unlike any others. I pray for Your help in keeping me focused on our relationship and not on things that have no place in your Kingdom. 'Amen.


No Compromises
(Rhonda Owen Smith)
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Susan P. said...

Mimi, there is so much wisdom in your words ~ thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Sharon said...

This was beautiful and so true!

jennifer said...

Hi Mimi - This hits home in so many ways. Thank you for making me think. Jennifer

Cathy said...

A wonderful post, Mimi. Thank you for reminding us of this.

Lille meg said...

Oh, this words are so true!
Yes, we need to learn about sharing
from we are children. We all are born egoists, and we can even see that in small children.Even before they have learned to walk, the say "mine".I watched last weekend two small cousins there was playing.
Suddenly one of them started to cry, because she wanted the toy her cousin had in his hand.
These children are just 1 year.
The boy said mine". He wasn't interested in sharing what he had got, and he too started crying.
Well, we didn't go to the babies.
We all has the same nature.
But we have to pray that good prayer you wrote. We need to learn sharing.
I wish you a blessed day!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Mimi,
I love this post. It is so true. I am so "THANKFUL" for what I do have. It may not be fancy like someone else's, but it is paid for and I am happy with it. Oh, sometimes, I oooohhhh and awwwweeee, over someone else's things they have, but deep down I know I wouldn't be happy with it. Same thing with kids. I can' afford all the name brand clothes. I buy what I can afford and always tell our girls to be "THANKFUL" that they have clothes to wear. Now my Sister, she buys them the name brand clothes. "THANK YOU" for sharing such a wonderful post. I really did enjoy it. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Tina Trivett said...

Beautiful & important message mimi.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post as ever Mimi, I totally agree, envy and jealousy keep us from all that God intends for us.

But there is a twist. One year when I was a child our neighbours held a Halloween party. My Mum went over to gently tell her that I couldn't go because we were Christians and that we didn't celebrate Halloween. The mother came back to my Mum a few days later and said to her: "I want what you've got", she has been a Christian ever since, her husband became a Christian and her daughter. Now when people say they want what we've got...Christ, then that IS wonderful!! :)


Mary Isabella said...

Beautiful. This post was so inspiring....Smiles

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Hi Mimi, What a wonderful post!! Very well written and right to the heart of the matter...thank you for directing our thoughts to contentment and peace found ONLY through Christ. Thanks also for the sweet welcome you gave my sister and niece in your last comment. I really want them to feel welcomed in Blogville! :-)
Blessings, Diane

Mimi said...

Tina Trivett,
I have been trying to comment on both of your blogs and it won't let me...
just wanted to let you know that I love your poem about your grandbaby...also it good to see you writing poetry again...
sorry I couldn't let you know on your blog...I'll keep trying...

Tina Trivett said...

Thanks mimi...I think I fixed the problem. Yes, the grandbaby is such a blessing. She is so sweet.

I'm a "grammy" too. :)

Beka said...

Thank you, dear Mimi, for these words. This is something I need to be reminded of very often.

Hope you're having a joy-filled weekend!

Bob said...

We really have a problem with Linebacker Dude in this respect. He is always afraid that he won't get his share of the goodies. We have to watch him constantly or else he will take something formsomeone else.