Monday, February 25, 2008

Little Dame Crump

Oh, little Dame Crump with her little hair broom
One morning was sweeping her little bed room
When casting her little gray eyes on the ground
In a sly little corner a penny she found.
Broom Sweeping, Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia by Neil Emmerson
Broom Sweeping,

"odd-dobbs,' cried the maid, and she starts with surprise,
'How lucky I am; bless me heart, what a prize!
"To the market I'll go and a pig I will buy
'And little John Gubbins shall build him a sty!'
Pig, Sus Scrofa Piglet Enjoying Box of Corn by Alan And Sandy Carey
Pig, Sus Scrofa Piglet Enjoying Box of Corn

So she washed her face clean and put on her gown,
And locked up her house and started for town.
To market she went and a bargain she made,
And for little white piggie a penny she paid.

Now the bargain was made she was puzzled to know
How they both would get home, as the pig would not go.
So fearing that piggie might play her a trick,
She drove him along with a little crab stick.

Piggie ran till he came to the foot of a hill
Where a little bridge crosses a stream from a mill,
There he grunted and squealed and no further would go.
Oh, fie, little piggie, to serve poor dame so!
Pig Near Pond By Barn by Gay Bumgarner
Pig Near Pond By Barn

She went into the mill and borrowed a sack
Popped in the pig and took him on her back.
Piggie squealed to get out, but the little dame said,
'If you can't go by fair means, then you must be made.'
Domestic Pig in Sack, Mixed Breed, USA by Lynn M. Stone
Domestic Pig in Sack, Mixed Breed, USA

She soon to the end of the journey did come,
She was mightily pleased to get piggie home.
She carried him right to his nice little sty,
And made him a bed of straw clean and dry.

With a handful of pease poor piggie she fed;
She popped on her nightcap and hyopped into bed.
Having first said her prayers, she blew out the light,
And being quite tired, we'll bid her goodnight.
Woman Sitting Up in Bed c.1635 by Rembrandt van Rijn
Woman Sitting Up in Bed c.1635

Traditional: English

This is for Josh and Jon who like stories about little piggies

Get Well soon five little Deputy's
Love Mimi


Adrienne said...

What a cute little story. My son had a book called "Emmett's Pig" when he was young. He loved that book and we read it over and over. One day he outgrew it and we gave it away. Now I wish I still had it to read to his boys. I've searched online and found it. It seems to be a collectible and costs more than I would pay!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. We sang that song at our church yesterday, too. I didn't know it was scheduled when I put it on my blog! I played the piano for both services and was pleasantly surprised when I arrived early for rehearsal and found that we were opening with this same song. Must be that God wanted to reinforce to my heart the truth of the words.

jennifer said...

It sounds like the nursery rhymes that I had as a kid - a very sweet and nostalgic post. I wanted to hop over this morning and tell you THANK YOU for your kind words of encouragement. Mimi, it means a lot to know that there are people out there who wish the best for me and my family as we grow in the Lord. You have blessed my heart today!!!! Jennifer

nannykim said...

So cute--I bet that is in my old nursery rhyme book... I like stories about pigs toooo--those are some cute pictures--thanks ;-)

Pam said...

What a sweet rhyme. I was into it, and hoping for more to happen the next day when she woke up! :-) Get will soon Deputys! Love, Pam

Mary Isabella said...

Loving it....Mary

Sarah said...

That's so cute. So the children are still poorly? I will keep praying.


Cathy said...

How cute, Mimi. I do pray all those little Deputies will be well soon! I don't know how you found all the cute little pictures to go with the story.

Paula said...

I raised pigs for FFA when I was a kid, so they hold a special place for me. Loved the poem!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mimi ~

Thank you for this lovely story. I like pigs. I love you, Mimi.


Mimi, I love pigs. They are cute.


Beka said...

Oh goodness, how cute! I hope your sweet grandsons enjoyed this-- I sure did! Those pigs are just the cutest.

Debra Miller said...

My dear grandmother would sing me this song as she rocked me to sleep each day. It's incredible how many words I remembered correctly! It's truly dear to my heart!