Friday, March 14, 2008

The Number 6

What does the number 6 mean to you?

Engraved Number
Engraved Number

It could mean the number of miles you can walk.

It could mean the number of years you have been married.

It could mean the number of books you have read this year.

It could mean the number of people in your family.

Whenever we hear the number 6 it means something different to each of us.


When a young man named Joshua hears the number "6"
today it means something very special.

It means that he is
6 years old....

Because today is his Birthday!

let me tell you about this young man...

He loves all animals including the geese he is feeding

He is a very good helper...
He even sweeps the floor for his mother...

He is a wonderful big brother...he is helping his younger
brother try to find the moon during the eclipse.

and when the day is done He sleeps like an Angel..

Happy Birthday Josh
We Love you
Mimi and Papaw


Sharon said...

Oh, what a cutie pie! What a darling post Mimi! Happy 6th birdthay Josh! I hope you all have a very fun celebration today!

Hugs, Sharon

Beverly said...

How adorable he is! I loved seeing the pictures. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Josh! Happy Birthday to you!

Mike Golch said...

What a great looking young man. I want to add my wishes for a happy birthday as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! He's a handsome boy. Hope he has a wonderful day.


Maxine said...

Such a loving tribute to a cute young man from a grandmom! Happy birthday to Josh!
I like the way you made the number six so special. I was six when I had my first birthday party!

Pam said...

Oh how precious this post was! Boy can those little fellas steal my heart fast!

MYSTI said...

I pulled up your blog from Mike's blog. I have scanned through it if you do not mind me telling you this, i think your blog is so very beautiful. Some of your posts brought tears to my eyes. I am going to bookmark your blog if you do not mind.

May you have a blessed day.

Katy said...

He is adorable!!! Happy Birthday Josh!!!! :)

Daughter of the King said...

What a great post, Mimi...
Happy ""6"" birthday to your Josh.

Cathy said...

What a precious little Grandson, Mimi. That is a sweet post, and I know he had a Happy Birthday.