Saturday, April 5, 2008

His Unchanging Love

"I have loved you, saith the Lord".(Mal. 1:2a)

Heaven's Glory by Larry Dyke
Heaven's Glory

The faith of many people depends upon their emotions. If they are passing through a time of intense religious awareness they confidently affirm their love for God and recognize His Living Presence. Unfortunately this does not always last. They become spiritually insensitive, lose the confidence they once possessed and begin to doubt the validity of the spiritual experience that once was theirs.
Snow Storm: Steam-Boat Off a Harbour's Mouth by William Turner
Snow Storm: Steam-Boat Off a Harbour's Mouth

Emotion is an adequate foundation for a living faith. It fluctuates, so that one day it burns bright with enthusiasm and the next it is cold through indifference.

Faith should control the emotions and not be subject to them.

No matter how you may feel, affirm your love and loyalty to Christ. If, at the moment you are on the spiritual mountain top praise Him, but when you go into the valley of despondency and doubt let your praise continue because He is there with you. The test of the strength of your faith is whether you can praise your Lord when circumstances seem to separate you from Him.

God's love for you does not vary.

His Love is sure and steadfast, and should give you the assurance that He is forever with you. Whatever your passing mood may be, His Love for you is eternal and never varies.

Let this truth be your anchor in every emotional storm,
for He loves you when you are not aware of His Love
just the same as when you are.
Anchor, Egersund, Norway by Russell Young
Anchor, Egersund, Norway

Because your Love never varies,
O Christ,
I find comfort, strength and assurance in Your faithfulness

In His Love,
faith for daily living,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I have gone through some storms lately. My husband's cancer; which the Lord is healing him. My prodigal daughter that I am believing the Lord will draw her to Himself and then to us. So, emotions have been raised to a level higher than they should. I am searching His faithful word for my strength and substance.
God bless you, Mimi!
Mriam ~~~<><~~~~

Anonymous said...

I know he guided me here today to your words. Thank you!


Mimi said...

I will add you to my prayer journal and remember your husband and daughter...and also I pray for you to have added strength as you care for your husband..and worry with concern for your daughter...
Be Encouraged,

Mimi said...

please know that you are still in the arms of God...and He will carry you and Ladybug through this...

Dawn said...

Wonderful words of comfort and wisdom. Thank you for adding Ruth to your prayer journal. I am going to tell her tomorrow how many new people are praying for her and the surgeries.

And yes, the girlies are really changing almost every day. So cute!!

Mary Isabella said...

Your post has given me fresh insight to a problem......Blessing for a beautiful Sunday

MYSTI said...

What a wonderful post and reminder that one's faith needs to stay faithful.

In this class i am taking it was pointed out that one has to put into alignment all a person is into the right order. Which is Spirit, soul, and body.

Spirit: this is the thing that actually connects with Gods Spirit.

Soul- Ones will, and emotions. (Most people put this first)

Body- Meaning physical sense. ( a lot of people tend to also put this first.)

Most times People tend to be out of alignment. They put their soul or body first, and usually the spirit which is what truly connects with God tends to be put last.

Every day now i ask myself If my alignment is in the right order. :)

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful reminder with us.

Blessings to you and yours.


Denise said...

Oh...... the Lord taught me that lesson many years ago and I am so glad that He did.... I am such an emotional lady and throughout the years I have been able to understand that what I feel has nothing to do with His love......... Whew!!!!!! how wonderful is that...!!!!!

Patty said...

Itsn't it a blessing that God loves us despite our emotional reaction to our relationships. Our constant, is His love for us, regardless of how we just never seem to get it all right. I think its much like how we love our teenage children, regardless of how they are emotional rollercosters during those years. Its such a delicate balance with our emotions, they are what gives us sympathy and prompts us to action when heartstrings are tugged, yet they also cause us to faulter. David was such an example of this. Wondering where God was when he was feeling down and praising him from the mountain top when all was well. Yet, God seemed to understand the range of emotions he felt. We are blessed to have such a compassionate God.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words today. My problem is I tend to lean more on Him when I am troubled but drift away when everything is going well. I need to look to Him whatever the weather and show the steadfastness of love that He has for me. It is too amazing to contemplate.

Hugs and blessings.

Karen said...

How grateful I am that our Father doesn't treat me as I deserve. We are blessed by His unchanging love. The same as yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Sharon said...

This is really true, sad, but true. God is the only constant in our life and if we are not feeling close to him, we need to realize that He has not moved, we have.

Happy weekend! Sharon

Saija said...

your pictures and posts are always so encouraging!


Me said...

You are on the nose with this one and I agree completely - I've learned many of the lessons you teach in this post the hard way.