Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sunlight streams through a rainforest onto a rushing stream
Sunlight streams through a rainforest onto a rushing stream

Here stands a church that Nature built
From seed and sun and gentle rain,
With living walls of spreading oak
And thick pine carpets smoothly lain.

Wherein the Canticle of Praise
Assumes a sweeter, sacred note,
Beneath the leafy rooftop where
It rises from a thrush's throat.
Song Thrush, Turdus Philomelos, Bathing in Puddle, United Kingdom by Steve & Ann Toon
Song Thrush, Turdus Philomelos, Bathing in Puddle, United Kingdom

Along the aisles of shadowed fern,
The soft responses of the wind.
To litanies of quiet peace
That fill the hearts of all within.

So is the forest, as of old,
A sanctuary for the soul!
Grace E. Easley

Blessings, Mimi


Mike Golch said...

Mimi,thank you for this nice reminder how lovely Mother Nature can be.

Hugs and God's blessing to you and your family!

Lisa said...

What a lovely message.Have a great week.Lisa~

SweetAnnee said...

Most lovely!!
I know God made
all these things for
us to enjoy.

with the white fuzzy hair

Me said...

You always find the most beautiful photos.

Cathy said...

That is very lovely, Mimi. Your pictures are so pretty.

Maxine said...

Oh I just love the poetry you find to post. What a precious picture of the little birdie. Blessings to you, Mimi!

Denise said...

Sometimes I like to find a place like that and just sit and listen to see what God is going to say...Our minds clear out and our spirit man comes to the surface.... My grandmother had a spot like that behind her home in Oklahoma..... it is the Blue River and although it was small and just running across her land it was a place of refuge for me on many occasions...... Your poem and picture took me back to a peaceful place that I had forgotten..... :)

Sharon said...

God gave us so many beautiful things to look at to remind us of His beauty.

I really liked this poem. :)

Ruthie said...

That's a lovely photo of the sun on the water. Nice poem too.

Tracy said...

How very beautiful.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful post!Love~Sharon

Hopefulsl said...

I can relate to your pictures. Cause i live in the mountains. We have so many beautiful spots here with water falls also. We go to them when we want to escape from everything.
It's so relaxing with only the natures sounds!!! And nobody but our
family there. Very nice.
Beautiful picture you posted.
Hugs and Blessings to you...

Anonymous said...

I love your post. I hope and pray that you are doing well. You are in prayers.

Lille meg said...

Thank you for this post, and also for the one below.

Mary said...


This poem is a blessing. There is no where on Earth that I feel closer to our Lord than in the forest or a remote area. Thank you for posting this beautiful poem.


nannykim said...