Monday, January 26, 2009


Is anybody happier because you passed his way?
Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today?

Sunset over Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL by Terri Froelich
Sunset over Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL

The day is almost over, and its toiling time is through;
Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?

Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that's slipping fast,
That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed?

Is a single heart rejoicing over what
you did or said;
Does the man whose hopes were fading,
now with courage look ahead?
A full moon shines on winters leafless branches by George F. Mobley
A full moon shines on winters leafless branches

Did you waste the day, or lose it? Was
it well or sorely spent?
Did you leave a trail of kindness, or a
scar of discontent?

As you close your eyes in slumber, do
you think God will say,

"You have earned one more tomorrow
by the work you did today"?
John Hall


Dawn said...

Such a beautiful poem with pointed questions. I have been home all day and most of the week-end, but I will definitely keep this poem in mind when I am out and about again!

Jim's Patty said...

Dear Mimi:

What a day you began to have . . . I do so hope you are ok "at day's end." You certainly deserve it. Did you feel me singing your praises this morning after you left . . . will share more later.

We're going to make it, dear friend, with Jesus by our side.

Talk to you soon.

Love and blessings,

Jim's Patty

Beka said...

This is so convicting and thought-provoking, Mimi! I'm so glad you shared this.

I trust you are doing well.
Sending lots of love your way!

Mike Golch said...

Mimi,Thank you for making my day.

Pam said...

Oh I loved this! Quite thougth provoking isn't it?
How have you been? I can't believe it's been so long since I've been by here. I need to read lots of your posts now so I can feel caught up!

Ruthie said...

That's a beautiful poem to start out my day with.
I so enjoy your comments when you come by. Wish we could have a cup of tea together.

Tracy said...

Powerful poem and what beautiful pictures! I always enjoy coming to your blog. Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking poem with all of us. :)

Maxine said...

Oh, how convicting! I better make that phone call that I've been meaning to make! Wonderful, and thoughtful, poem.

Cathy said...

That is a neat poem, Mimi, and your pictures were lovely, as usual.

jennifer said...

"Is anybody happier because you passed his way?"

I hope so. This was lovely!!

Denise said...

Many years after I was born again I began to pray earnestly that the Father God please let my life be worth something to others.. Please help me to touch others that are suffering and show them the way to you........ I have prayed that for years.......... I pray HE answers my prayer.......

Mike Golch said...

Great posts. I have a goodie for you.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This is a very beautiful pome thank you for sharing it..m.

joan said...

Such beautiful words and photos! Thanks!

Dawn said...

Thinking of you - hoping all is well!

Joy said...

This is beautiful- and with such a rhythm, I think, easy to memorize. Thank you so much for sharing it! It's a lovely, convicting poem to keep in mind as I go about the day.

SweetAnnee said...

I pray everyday I make someone smile
even if they are laughing at
my bald head and big ears!!!

I want to bring a blessing to
someone EVERY day

fondly, Deena