Friday, January 2, 2009

I Looked

I looked upon a farm one day,
That once I used to own;
The barn had fallen to the ground,
The fields were overgrown.
the house in which my children grew,
Where we lived for years-

I turned to see it broken down,
And brushed aside the tears.

Abandoned, Overgrown House by David Evans
Abandoned, Overgrown House

I looked upon my soul one day,
To find it too had grown
With thorns and nettles everywhere,
The seeds neglect had sown.

Hand over Brush by Ewa Zauscinska
Hand over Brush

The years had passed while I had cared
For things of lesser worth:

The things of Heaven I let go
While minding things of earth.

To Christ I turned with bitter tears,
And cried, "O Lord, forgive!

Elderly woman sitting alone by open window
Elderly woman sitting alone by open window

I haven't much time left for Thee,
not many years to live."

The wasted years forever gone,
The days I can't recall;

Christ Showing the Way by Myung Bo
Christ Showing the Way

If I could live those days again,
I'd make Him Lord of all.

Theodore W. Brennan

courtesy of all posters

Make Him Lord of Your Life


Me said...

Haunting images combine with a poignant and timely reminder.

Sarah said...

What a deeply affecting poem. Thankyou.


Denise said...

I love that picture of the little lady ...... it speaks so loud.... We are hear but a while ... a vapor..... and then eternity with the Father........ Make life here worth HIS life...... that is what HE gave.........

Happy New Year

grammy said...

Nice message and great pictures today.

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Great post for this old lady to read and view the pictures you placed with the poem.

Dawn said...

Beautiful pictures and words - you do such a beautiful job of putting them together!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saija said...

everything blended together so hauntingly well ...

Cathy said...

Beautiful and thought provoking, Mimi ~

joan said...

Beautiful all around!