Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spliting Our Love of God From Man

One of our fatal maladies is that we tend to split our love of God from our love of men.

Many religionists can talk in glowing terms of their love for God, while expressing hate toward men.

On the other hand, many humanists can speak of their love for man, but have no place for love of God.

Throughout the New Testament the love of God and love of man are inseparable. John causes us to face up to the fact that we cannot love God while hating our brother.
"If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar" (1 John 4:20).

You see, love of God and love of man are not two separate things, but one and the same fact. Genuine love of God must issue in love of men. If it doesn't, then we are worshiping a God other than that revealed by Jesus Christ.

John is saying to us that this love of men really is the testing of our love of God.

We can recognize that one may have deep and searching emotions as he worships in the house of God, and yet go out to treat his fellow human beings with shabby disdain.

If we really love the God who is made known in Jesus Christ, we should cherish the image of him who is stamped on every human soul.

It is in the face of another human being that there is most clearly revealed the image and character of our God.

This is the reason Jesus says: "Inasmuch as you did it unto one of the least of these my brethern, you did it unto me."

We know that Christ always identifies himself with those in need.

It is Christ who is crushed by the divisions of our social system. It is Christ who is slighted and insulted when those who have ignore those who have not.

It is Christ who suffers in the degradation of the drunkard and wanderer.

Elderly Hobo, with Bundle Strapped to His Back, Walking Along Train Tracks by Carl Mydans
Elderly Hobo, with Bundle Strapped to His Back, Walking Along Train Tracks

It is Christ who weeps when little children do not have enough to eat and live in homes unfit for rats.
Small Dirty Child Living in the Migratory Camp by Carl Mydans
Small Dirty Child Living in the Migratory Camp

It is Christ who feels the shame when some of his children are called "second rate" and inferior.

If only we could understand that Christ is in that mother, that father, that child, that employer, that employee, -- what a difference it would make in our treatment of each other.

Has our love of God issued in our love of men?---This is the test of love.

Major Hugging a Little Girl Waiting Evacuation by Larry Burrows
Major Hugging a Little Girl Waiting Evacuation

Are we innocent or are we guilty?
j. Herbert Gilmore, Jr
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Dawn said...

Very pertinent thoughts and gripping questions!

Cathy said...

Giving us much to think about, as usual, dear Mimi ~ Thanks ~

Denise said...

Oh the truth in that post.......We all need to examine our hearts...... Move back closer to the Love of The Father....... Love our brothers and sisters with pure love.......Oh so hard for the human nature.........

Maxine said...

This is such an insightful post, Mimi. What truths are in these words. As Denise said, we all need to examine our hearts in this regard. Thanks for posting this; another reason I love blogging so much.

Saija said...

you've chosen such good pictures to go along with the devotional ...

blessings on you!

Mary said...


A beautiful post and so true. We must look into ourselves and search to find if we are putting God first.

Enjoyed my visit and hope all is well with you.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This is a post from the heart. I love it...m..