Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great God of All Wisdom

Great God of all wisdom, of science and art,
O grant us the wisdom that comes from the heart.
Technology, learning, philosophy, youth --
All leave us still yearning for your word of truth.

Where people are starving, where wars devastate
A future we're carving of anguish and hate.
God, turn us around and invade all our lives
Till justice is found and your righteousness thrives.

Call us to a new day of promise and trust
That outlines a new way of life that is just.
Call us to build bridges, deep chasms to clear,
Mark trails over ridges of bias and fear.

Creator of visions as well as of stars,
O mend our divisions and heal all our scars.
You reign over history, both present and past,
Most challenging mystery from first to the last.
Jane Parker Huber

pictures courtesy of all posters
Born in Tsinan, China, Jane Parker Huber was educated at Northfield School for girls, Wellesley College, and Hanover Collete. Many of her hymns have been composed for the United Presbyterian Women. She lives in Ind



Mike Golch said...

Mimi,thank you for this great message.it is something that I needed to read today.

Mary said...


An awesome post. We all need this type of message to keep us on the straight and narrow.


Cathy said...

We need His wisdom from His Word. Beautiful, thanks Mimi ~

Saija said...

you blend in words and pictures so well ...

blessings on you!!!

i didn't have an answer for the Ghost Lake post ... so thought i would put a little comment on this post instead! :o)