Friday, August 7, 2009


Lord, as a Christian,
am I just a single tree
struggling alone in me little plot?

You foresaw Orchards of fruit-bearing Christians

growing together,
nourished and disciplined
by thy loving care,
To more effectively feed
this spiritually starving world?

Thy church, O Lord,
Is that orchard of fruit-bearing Christians?

Then I shall plant my life there too.

Carolyn Rhea
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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Your post is a good reminder that the church is needed for fellowship. There is a movement today away from the church and toward individual paths to God, and while God probably won't reject anyone who seeks Him, He did clearly say in many ways that He wanted us to worship together.

Tracy said...

Well said. Blessings sent your way my blogger friend.

Dawn said...

I don't know what we would have done all these years without our church family! Such good thoughts.

Redeemed By His Love said...

What a lovely post. I love the new header of your blog.
Sorry I haven't been over for a visit. I hope you are well.