Monday, January 10, 2011

100th Birthday Party

My Darling little Lady to whom I read until I began Counseling full time at the Bay Area Pregnancy Center ( celebrated her 100th Birthday with a Church Wide Birthday Party on Saturday

Mary Arriving at the Party
Looking like a real Queen

Mary receiving her Tiara
(which read Happy 100th Birthday)

Let the Celebration Begin !!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Quartet (Me, Joe (My Husband), Don, and Donna (two of our friends)
sang two of Mary's favorite songs

"Walk With Me", and "When all God's Singers get Home"

Then Billy (our Choir Director) sang her very favorite of all songs
"The Lighthouse"

And of course many, many people told stories about how much she means to them!

We all shared her favorite meal with Barbecued Ribs and Fried Cat Fish
and everyone brought a vegetable or salad

and for Dessert...

And of course we all sang "Happy Birthday" at the top of our lungs!

when it was all over she said

"Honey, we'll do this in another 100 years"!




Melissa said...

Sounds like a fabulous celebration and she sounds like quite the lady!!

Cathy said...

Aw, that is so sweet, Dear. She is beautiful.

Jodi said...

How did I miss this post?? So great to see a picture of your little lady! ... and you and Daddy, of course! ;o)

Tina Trivett said...

Mimi...I popped over to your blog to check on you & see how you were doing. It is saying your last post was back in January. I hope you're alright.