Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blessings Devised By God

God speaks to us in many ways,
Altering our lives, our plans, and our days,
And His blessings come in many guises
That He alone in love devises,
And sorrow, which we dread so much,
Can bring a very healing touch...
For when we fail to heed His voice
We leave the Lord no other choice

Except to use a firm, stern hand
To make us know He's in command...
The peace we often sought in vain
Will come to us with sweet surprise,
For God is merciful and wise...

And through dark hours of tribulation
God gives us time for meditation,
And nothing can be counted loss
Which teaches us to bear our cross.

A collection of Blessings
Helen Steiner Rice
Love, Mimi

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