Friday, June 27, 2014

What is That in Your Hand?

Moses didn't have much--a handful of sheep on the slopes of a blistered mountain.

He also had eighty years of memories, some of them sad and regretful. He had some clothes, a family, a wise father-in-law, a tent in the desert.
That's about it.

O yes, he had a staff.

Moses Forbids the People to Follow Him by James Tissot
Moses Forbids the People to Follow Him

So the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand?"

He said, "A rod."

He'd probably found a broken branch from some sturdy tree, maybe six or seven feet long and reasonably straight. He'd seasoned and smoothed it to become his walking cane; plus it was useful in herding sheep and warding off predators. But it was quite ordinary -- just a rod.

On rugged Mount Horeb that day, as Moses argued with the Lord about his inadequacies, for the mission being assigned him, God asked a simple question:

"What is that in your hand?"

It was a broken branch, a piece of dead wood, a rod. But the lord wanted it, and the Lord touched it, and the Lord used it to baffle the magicians of Egypt, to turn the Nile to blood, to part the waters of the Red Sea,
Moses Crossing the Red Sea by French School
Moses Crossing the Red Sea

create streams in the desert, and to deliver His people again and again.

Moses in the Wilderness by Clive Uptton
Moses in the Wilderness

What is that in your hand?

Reading an Old Bible During a Service
Reading an Old Bible During a Service

Little is much if God is in it.
Barbara Fairchild
Dr. David Jeremiah
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Can God use what is in your hand?


Lille meg said...

Thank you for this post! It is so true!
Little is much in God's hands!
I also think about the litte boy who came to Jesus with some fish and breads. It was enough for thousands of people in the Lord's hands.
He can use everything if is allowed to.
Have a nice day!:)

Saija said...

a good encouraging post for me to start my work day (and season) with ... thank you!

blessings on your week!

Sharon said...

Oh so true Mimi!

Mike Golch said...

Mimi, thank you for this great message.

Jodi said...

What an encouraging reminder. It is all about surrendering that little bit to God for His control. He can do great things!

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Beautiful post. I can't help but think of another
little one God has given to your family to do great things. What a blessing.

Tori said...

Beautiful post, thanks!!!

Lisa said...

Thank you for another beautiful post. I think it is important for our children too see a Bible in our hands.
Blessings to you and yours.

Cathy said...

A great post, as usual, Mimi. You always make us think.

Lille meg said...

Mimi, it's an award waiting for you on my blog! You are welcome!

Denise said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!! My faith is always strengthened when I study about Moses...... He is the picture of the very reason that God can and will use everyone......... There have been times when I have just figured that I had grown too old for God to use me in any way......Only to be reminded of Moses.....

I have missed my blogger friends, !!!!! I have been gone too long!

Maxine said...

Oh, my, what a wonderful illustration. It is so true that the Lord can use the little that we have and do much with it. And how beautiful is the thought of the Bible in our hands--and our hearts. Thanks for this, Mimi.

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hi mimi. it used to be babies in succession. those can be found in my hands and arms.
very nice post!

Beka said...

Precious, thought-provoking thoughts... thank you, Mimi.
Sorry I haven't been by here in such a long time! I think of you often, though, and hope all is well with you and your dear husband.
Lots of love,

Mary said...


A very inspirational post. Yes, God can use anything that we have as a tool for His glory.