Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Language of Sympathy

Tears are the language of sympathy in all nations.
Everybody understands the language of tears.

Many years ago Woodrow Wilson's secretary came into his private office to find him weeping as though his heart would break.
"Why the tears, Mr. Wilson?" he asked.

"I am weeping," he replied, "for the imperiled liberties of the world."

The shortest verse in the Bible tells us that "Jesus wept." The creator of this world, in whom all things consist, the author of our salvation, the great head of our churches, the King of Kings and Lord of lords, wept.

He foretold his own tragic death. He saw the dark, unspeakable sorrow of Gethsemane ahead, the cruel crown of thorns, and the rusty nails, but he never wept for himself.
Praying at Gethsemane by Myung Bo

His were tears of sympathy at a time of sorrow. His friend Lazarus was dead. Others were weeping and so was he. Such tears speak louder than words to our hearts.

How wonderful it is to see him speak to the raging billows and know that they obey him; to see him touch a blind man's eyes and know that he goes away seeing; to hear him speak to a paralytic and see the once lame man carry his bed away; to see him cleanse ten lepers, though only one returned to thank him. How marvelous to witness Jesus' healing powers.
Jesus Depicted as a Healer by Gabriel Max
Jesus Depicted as a Healer

But when Jesus goes with us to the graveside where our beloved are buried, and stands in our midst with a tear-stained face and a sobbing heart, how real he is to us and how we love him!

A tomb without Jesus is a sad, gloomy, lonely place, afflicting the heart with melancholy and despair. What a difference it makes when Jesus stands there! Hope, love, and immortality combine in him.
Kikuo a Retainer of the Feudal Lord Prays at His Dead Master's Grave by R. Gordon Smith
Kikuo a Retainer of the Feudal Lord Prays at His Dead Master's Grave

When you are called upon to visit the grave of a loved one or to go to a new grave, ask the Saviour to go with you. Then you will not seek among the dead those who live forever and are clothed with immortality. Your heart will not be filled with sadness, but with Joy unspeakable, glorious.

For if Jesus stands with you at the tomb of your loved one, you will see the dawn of an eternal day and you will hear his sweet voice saying, "The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God; and they that hear shall live" (John 5:25).

James P. Wesberry
images courtesy of All Posters


Maxine said...

This is both sad and beautiful. In yesterday's devotions, I just read about Jesus' compassion towards the widow who had lost her only son.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Thank you for your daily devotions and the visits.

Me said...

The anecdote about Wilson is moving - how reassuring it is to know that a leader of our country would care that deeply - how much more so our Lord.

Mimi said...

it is so comforting to know that Jesus had such compassion for us all..

thank you for your visits to my blog and for your kind comments... You are such an inspiration to me because of the way you handle all that life throws at you...
I receive a real blessing from visiting your blog...

you are right it is reassuring to know that a leader of our country cares deeply... that is why it is so important that we lift our leaders up in prayer every day...
because only the Lord can help them to be the kind of leaders that the country needs.

Nancy said...

I love to read your blog, it is like a devotional to me. Thanks for your wonderful posts.

Karen said...

Mimi, I second what Nancy said. I don't always comment, but I read every day. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

Sharon said...

What a lovely post, thank you for sharing. I am so glad that we have a savior with such compassion!

~ Sharon

Mimi said...

thank you for your kind comment I
love to post my devotional studies.


I am so happy you visit me often..
I also enjoy visiting your Blog..



Our Savior's compassion is what led Him to give his life for us... and I am so glad he had that compassion!!

Jen said...

Very true. This was beautiful. Jesus will be with me.....

Mimi said...

It is a very comforting feeling to know that Jesus will always be with you through all your trials and heart ache...

Cathy said...

Yes, our Jesus is so compassionate. And we thank God that He will never leave us nor forsake us. A beautiful and sweet post, Mimi ~

Susan said...

Hi Grammie,

I'm listening!! (I love the name of your blog...)

Beautiful devotional. It's always a real treat to come over here and feast on the wonderful banquet you lay out for us.

Have a blessed weekend!


Mimi said...

it is so wonderful and comforting to realize that our Jesus and Lord is so compassionate and that we can just call on him and he will be with us where ever we go

Thank you Susan for visiting and for commenting... it means so much to me for you to comment and let me know that you are visiting!!!