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I Need Thee, Lord and A Story of Friendship

Christ in Gethsemane by E. Goodman

I do need thee. Lord, I need thee now. I know that I can do without many of the things that once I thought were necessities, but without thee I cannot live, and dare not die.

I needed thee when sorrow came, when shadows were thrown across the threshold of my life, and thou didst not fail me then. I needed thee when sickness laid a clammy hand upon my family, and I cried to thee, and thou didst hear. I needed thee when perplexity brought me to a parting of the ways, and I knew not how to turn. Thou didst indicate the better way. And though the sun is shining around me today, I know that I need thee even in the sunshine, and shall still need thee tomorrow.

I give thee my gratitude for that constant sense of need that keeps me close to thy side. Help me to keep my hand in thine and my ears open to the wisdom of thy voice.

Speak to me, that I may hear thee giving me courage for hard times and strength for difficult places; giving me determination for challenging tasks. I ask of thee no easy way, but just thy grace that is sufficient for every need, so that no matter how hard the way, how challenging the hour, how dark the sky, I may be enabled to overcome.
Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall was born in Scotland, and immigrated to the United States. His life story is told by his wife, Catherine Marshall, in the book, A Man Called Peter. He was trained as a Presbyterian Minister, he was made chaplain to the United States Senate in 1947 and died in 1949

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A very dear friend (her name is Pat) is going though a very, very difficult time in her life. The outcome of her situation could be very devastating to her and her precious family. Please pray that God's will be done and that Pat will have the strength that she needs to walk through this valley she must go through!

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A Story of Friendship

David's Farewell from Jonathan by Rembrandt van Rijn
David's Farewell from Jonathan

Mephibosheth lived in Jerusalem, because he always ate at the King's table, and he was crippled in both feet. (2 Samuel 9:13)
I relish stories about love, not just the romantic kind between a man and woman but love between any two people. One of the most beautiful love stories in the Bible is the story of Jonathan and David.

Their souls were knit together, the Bible says (1 Sam. 18:1). Like-hearted, like-minded, standing shoulder to shoulder, looking face-forward together, theirs is a unique story. Even though their friendship ended in David's relationship with Jonathan's disabled son, Mephibosheth. David's love for Jonathan went beyond the grave: "Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death: ( Song of Sol. 8:6).

Mephibosheth should have been hunted down and killed by David, because Jonathan's son could have posed a threat to the throne. But remember, love is stronger than death. So Mephibosheth enjoyed a place prepared just for him at the King's table.

Perhaps Kind David saw in the young man's face the features of his beloved friend. Maybe when Mephibosheth smiled, David could see a vestige of Jonathan's grin. The young man could have had his father's eyes. His inflections. Plus, the two shared memories of the loved one they had in common.

It's a love story, all right. And maybe, like Mephibosheth, we might cry out to God, "What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?" (2 Sam. 9:8). We should know the answer. It lies in this story of love and friendship.

God the Father invites us to his table to commune with him, because he sees in our countenance the remembrance of his dearly beloved Son. There is something about us, those of us who are hid with Christ, that shows a trace of Jesus. Little wonder that God delights to welcome us to his table.

It is for Jesus' sake that he raises us from poverty to nobility.

Now that's a love story!

God, our Father, thank you for looking on me and seeing Jesus in me. Thank you for your loving grace and for allowing me to be a part of the greatest love story ever.

Joni Eareckson Tada Summer 1998
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