Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Prayer of Wonder

Dolomites Alps, Italy by Panoramic Images
Dolomites Alps, Italy

I glory in your handiwork, O God:
towering mountains and deep valleys,
dense forests and expansive deserts,
fathomless depths of blue below and immeasurable
heights of blue above.

When I peer into the universe of the telescope
and the universe of the microscope I stand in Awe at:
the complexity and the simplicity,
the order and the chaos,
and the infinite variety of colors everywhere.

When I watch the little creatures that creep upon
the earth
Tiger Cubs
Tiger Cubs

I marvel at:
such purpose,
such direction,
such design;
and yet
such freedom,
such openness,
such creativity.

O Lord God, Creator of the hummingbird
and the milky Way,
Humming Bird by Tim Flach
Humming Bird

I am lost in wonder at your originality.
Richard J. Foster

Born in New Mexico and author of several books, including Prayer: Finding the Heart's TrueHome and Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster is an ordained minister in the Society of Friends.

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Cathy said...

Beautiful post, Mimi. You lost all your sweet comments! :o(