Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Whose Child is This ?

"What a fine healthy lad you have there, Mam."
A phrase I heard over and over again.
The light of my life, So handsome and fine;
I took great pride in this child of mine.
Life by Kendra Dew

"What a strong attachment there seems to be;
Could that be unhealthy", they ask, "Not for me".
He needs my protection, This world is so cruel.
How precious my child - To me he's a jewel.

"About his temper, you say you don't mind."
A mere tension release, his way to unwind.
He's such a young fellow, no need for alarm.
My child will outgrow it, I can't see the harm.

"Hello, I'm your friend, I have a complaint.
Your teenager son shows a lack of restraint.
A lack of respect and a self-destruct leaning".
This can't be my child, he's barely past weaning.
Teenager Performing Stunt on Skateboard
Teenager Performing Stunt on Skateboard

The school board has called, another problem.
A student now claims my son tried to rob him.
My son, I must know, what they say, is it true?
I believe you my child, It could not be you.

He's been losing weight, looking pale and thin;
No longer clean and neat as he'd always been.
His actions at times uncontrollably wild.
What kind of phase are you in now, my child?

I hear the murmurings, rumors abound.
There's now a big problem with drugs in our town.
I question my son, his assurance I need.
He says that he's clean, and my child I believe.

The school board again, another mistake.
They say he has trouble just staying awake;
Disrupting his classes, and skipping for days.
My child is so sorry, and he'll mend his ways!

The headlines speak out the frightening news,
A gang of young hoodlums are out on the loose.
Breaking and entering-an organized ring.
Thank heavens my child wouldn't do such a thing.

A question begins to form in my mind.
Could it possibly be....could I be so blind?
I just can't believe I could be so beguiled;
Is it fear I might lose the love of my child?
Teen Gang Member
Teen Gang Member

He's my little boy, I gave birth to him;
I have nurtured and love him through thick and thin.
My heart rejects he could be less than perfect.
With a mother's instinct my child I protect.

What's this I see, this paraphernalia,
while cleaning his room these things unfamiliar.
Hypodermic Needle by Doug Mazell
Hypodermic Needle

"Come see this, my son, what's this all about?"
My child says "don't worry" I'll just throw it out.

The evidence mounts. Are these stolen goods?
In our basement I find the loot of those hoods.
No hiding place now, the big confrontation;
And this time my child has no explanation.

Little by little the full truth comes out.
"But mom, there's not that much to worry about.
So I stole a few things and took a few drugs;
But I love you, mom..." from my child a big hug.

How can I condemn this man-child of mine?
My mind wants to live in that happier time
When I held him and rocked him and dreamed a dream
Of my child at the end of the rainbow's beam.
Mother and Baby in White by Sheri Doty
Mother and Baby in White

The truth is so ugly, how can I face it.
It's etched on my heart; Oh, God, please erase it.
Where did I go wrong, such a burden this blame,
As I try to protect my child from this shame.

Deep into the pit he plunges headlong,
With me right behind him; I'd raised him all wrong.
The mother/protector no longer exists,
It's me and my child now, both in the pits.

In my despair I tried so hard to pray.
Why doesn't God hear me and take this away?
As I fill all my prayers with "I, Me, and MY",
I'm destroying my child; God, could this be why?

"My child" I keep saying, My child, just mine.
My Lord are You saying Not my child but Thine?
I thank you Dear Lord, and from this day I vow
To relinquish my hold- Lord, he's your child now!"

written by me dear friend
Joann Caldwell
to her beloved son
images courtesy of all posters


Cynthia said...

Beautiful and touching.

nannykim said...

I think we constantly have to have that attitude, even when they are adults!!

Beverly said...

Wow -- this is extremely hard hitting. It definitely gives the strength to persevere in discipline and nuture. This is a wonderful reminder for us young mommies. Thank you!

Christie Belle said...

That is pretty powerful. And so very true. Even though I'm not a mom yet, I know it will be hard to try and remember that our children are only given to us for a short time by Him, and they are really His children.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful post.


Sharon said...

Stop by my blog, I have a surprise for you!
:) Sharon

Mary said...

A heart touching poem. When I read it, I thought of my two young grandsons who will be teens before we know it. I cover them in God's protection and place them in His hands. Thanks so much for sharing.


Mimi said...

thanks for the comment, I thought it was a beautiful poem also and felt it needed to be posted...


you are so right... we have to continuously remind ourselves that they belong to God and we have to relinquish them to Him....


It was written from her heart... and it is definitely a reminder to all the young mothers to persevere with your discipline and to turn them over to God at a very early age....


you will be a wonderful mother... when the time comes... and just always remember to dedicate them to God... and leave them in his loving care.....


thanks for your kind comment and also for the beautiful award you gave me on your blog...
I really appreciate is beautiful.....



thanks for your visit.. and your kind comment...I am going to your blog for a return visit now...
see you there!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful. And very hard to do. When our girls were younger, I was guilty of thinking I was the only one that could do anything for them. God dealt with me on that one! I learned, slowly I might add, to turn it over to Him, and that I didn't have to fix everything. Your friend has a wonderful writing talent.

Mimi said...

It is very hard to turn them over completely and tell God to do with them as he sees fit... because we are always afraid that he will call them to some far off place or something and we want to hold them close to us forever...But we have to remind ourselves that God will take care of them.. and He wants only what is best for them...

Cathy said...

Mimi, just wanted to let you know, I made a comment, and I just found out it is not here. Just going to say this time that it is a great post. :o)

Anna S said...

What a powerful message.