Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Small Cottage Fair

In my dream, there's a place-

It is a small cottage fair,
With a white picket fence
And contentment lives there.

It is peaceful and calm,
Anytime night or day,
At my small cottage home
In my dream faraway.

Oh, the beauty within
Sings a song of sweet grace,
So amazingly rare
At my small cottage place.

I can kneel down and pray
And God hears every word;
Each request that I make
I can feel that He heard.

A contentment and peace
Is all that I require;
At my small cottage home
Heaven is my desire
Katherine Smith Matheney

Welcome Home,


mjgolch said...

MiMI,this is a great posting.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

nannykim said...

mm--sounds like my home ;-)---picket fence and cottage and all.

Tracy said...

I love this poem. The first picture, is the painter of light... thanks for sharing.

I would also like to ty for making my sis feel so welcome in the world of blogging.

hugs and blessings

Adrienne said...

Oh, what a beautiful poem. I'm going to copy it and do something special with it. I'm not sure what yet but it's a keeper. Thanks for sharing it with us. ~Adrienne~

hopefulsl said...

And I too, myself Stacy thank you for visiting my blog!
Looking forward to reading your blog.
Thank you again,

Lille meg said...

Thank you for sharing! Lovely poem!
Have a blessed week!:)

Mary Isabella said...

Made me feel so contended...Hugs...Mary

Jan Parrish said...

Beautiful. :)

Mary said...


I love the poem and the graphics are perfect. These scenes bring back many memories for me. Thanks for sharing.

I always enjoy visiting with you, my friend.


Saija said...

mmmmmm ... yes indeed ... that place of peaceful rest ...


loved the pics too ...

Beka said...

Oh Mimi, this is so beautiful. I love the third stanza: Oh, the beauty within sings a song of sweet grace, so amazingly rare at my small cottage place.

Much love to you!

joan said...


Love this poem. Wish I had a picket fence and cottage.

Cathy said...

That's a beautiful poem, Mimi and your pictures are lovely.

Sharon said...

I loved this poem as it speaks the desire of my heart. :)