Monday, June 9, 2008

A Song of Sherwood

Sherwood in the twilight, is Robin Hood awake?

Robin Hood by Newell Convers Wyeth
Robin Hood

Grey and ghostly shadows are gliding through the brake,
Shadows of the dappled deer, dreaming through the morn,
Dreaming of a shadowy man that winds a shadowy horn.

Robin Hood is here again; all his merry thieves
Hear a ghostly bugle-note shivering through the leaves,
Calling as he used to call, faint and far away,
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day

Merry, merry England has kissed the lips of June;
All the wings of fairyland were here beneath the moon,
like a flight of rose-leaves fluttering in a mist
Of opal and ruby and pearl and amethyst.

Merry, merry England is waking as of old,
With eyes of blither hazel and hair of brighter gold;
For Robin Hood is here again beneath the bursting spray
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.
In the Fork by Newell Convers Wyeth
In the Fork

Love is in the greenwood building him a house
Of wild rose and hawthorn and honeysuckle boughs;
Love is in the greenwood, dawn is in the skies,
And Marian is waiting with a glory in her eyes

Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Hark! The dazzled laverock climbs the golden steep!
Marian is waiting; is Robin Hood asleep?
Round the fairy grass-rings frolic elf and fay,
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.

Oberon, Oberon, rake away the gold,
Rake away the red leaves, roll away the red,
And Wake Will Scarlett from his leafy forest bed.

Friar Tuck and Little John are riding down together
With quarter-staff and drinking-can and grey goose feather.
The dead are coming back again, the years are rolled away
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.

Softly over Sherwood the south wind blows.
All the heart of England hid in every rose
Hears across the greenwood the sunny whisper leap,
Sherwood in the red dawn, is Robin Hood asleep?

Hark, the voice of England wakes him as of old
And, shattering the silence with a cry of brighter gold,
bugles in the greenwood, echo from the steep,
Sherwood in the red dawn is Robin Hood asleep?

Where the deer are gliding down the shadowy glen
All across the glades of fern he calls his merry men--
Doublets of the Lincoln green glancing through the May
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day--

Robin Hood And His Merry Men In Sherwood Forest, 1859 by Edmund Warren George
Robin Hood And His Merry Men In Sherwood Forest, 1859

Calls them and they answer; from aisles of oak and ash
Rings the Follow! Follow! and the boughs begin to fly,
And through the crimson dawning the robber band goes by.

Robin! Robin! Robin! All his merry thieves
Answer as the bugle-note shivers through the leaves,
Calling as he used to call, faint and far away,
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.
Alfred Noyes

This remembrance lesson is dedicated to my grandson Reid, (who at one time had Robin Hood as one of his hero's)

Love, Mimi


Mike Golch said...

thank you for this great posting.

I hope that you are having a great day.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tracy said...

Awwww how fun! Love that. I bet your grandson will to. Thank you for sharing.

Dawn said...

What fun! And I love the British cottage in the last post - I have souvenir that looks jus tlike it.

My current insurance isn't all that hot either! But I wanted to have all of these appointments on my comp time instead of my own!

Mary Isabella said...

Love this post. Have a great Monday...Mary

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Ruthie said...

Again, I love your post. The pictures are so beautiful, too.
Thanks for your visits to my posts. I enjoy your comments.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I love Robin Hood! That is so cool.
Mimi, you are a source of comfort. Sundays are hard, but today it feels much lighter.
I just miss going to Church with him. He use to put his arm around me through the whole service.
It was so nice.
xoxo Nita

Jan Parrish said...

I've always loved this story.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Mimi, thank you for praying for me. You will never know how much that means to me.
I have been so down.
Sending you love, Nita

Maxine said...

Wow, another great poem. You have so many. I'm sure your grandson appreciated it. Like Jodi, you still find the best pictures. Love the atmosphere here.

Sharon said...

How fun! Thank you for the cute poem.

Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Great post! One of my favorite stories. I loved the movie to and the best Robin Hood was Errol Flynn.
Hope you and your family is doing well. I thought about emailing you.
Be blessed,

Beverly said...

I so enjoyed reading this, along with the pictures! Love to you, Mimi!!

Mimi said...

I wish you would e-mail me...I would love to be able to correspond with you personally through a direct e-mail...
you are in my prayers daily...
Love and Hugs,

Mary said...


This is an awesome post and so fun. Robin Hood was one of my heroes when I was a young girl. I always thought it so romantic that he robbed from the rich to give to the poor. LOL

Love all the graphics and it's a great tribute to your grandson's boyhood hero.

Love and blessings,