Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yours, Mine, And Ours

When we take our money and hold tight
concentrating on it with all our might,
We act as though it belongs only to us.
That shows our lack of trust,
for if we really care,
then we will share.

Knowledge and wealth must be released
for God's kingdom to increase.
If our goal is to reach,
then we must not hoard but teach.
How can we influence and enlist
if we don't assist?

We must freely give
in order to fully live.
The more we try to possess,
the more we end up with less.

God has entrusted us with His way,
expecting us to share it every day.
Wherever we go and whatever we do,
to His word we must remain true.

But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger (Romans 2:8)

Toys In The Attic by Stewart Sherwood
Toys In The Attic

When we were little children, our parents constantly reminded us to share our toys with others. We would say "mine" and hold the toy tight, until our parents pried it out of our hands. These were our first lessons against selfishness.
  • Are you a spiritual toddler, holding on to everything and thinking that it is yours exclusively?
As older children, we promised our best friends that we'd share everything we have with each other. "Share and share alike" is what we said. We exchanged clothes, comic books, and sometimes even our homework assignments. When one of us couldn't come out and play until our work was done, we'd pitch in and help the other so we could move on to the important tasks of making mud pies.

Life was so much simpler then. Since those days, somehow selfishness has crept into our lives. We've forgotten the pleasure of doing things together, sharing our knowledge with others, the joy of working together. We've stopped focusing on "we" and instead begin everything with "me".

Why should we help others when we've worked so hard to get where we are? If we share our knowledge, then others will get credit for what we know.
  • Do you volunteer information readily, or wait until you are asked? Do you take delight in having people have to ask you for information? Do you hold back just a little of what you know to keep the person coming back to you for more?
  • If you are trying to have more than others, expect less from God.
  • God looks at the heart, not worldly possessions. God is pleased when you make a conscious effort to be more like Him by sharing with others.
Two People Share a Raincoat as They Hurry Down a Rainy Street by Pablo Corral Vega
Two People Share a Raincoat as They Hurry Down a Rainy Street

  • Do you have a giving heart, mind, mouth, and spirit? Or, are you still clamping your mouth, turning your head, closing your eyes, and idling your hands?
  • When you give, do you expect something in return?
  • Are you looking out for your own interests--or are you concerned about advancing the Kingdom of God?
  • The more you serve God, the less you will serve yourself, and the more you will serve others. Try thinking less of yourself and more of God.
  • Your self-serving efforts to look good among others are always exposed to God.
  • Whatever you keep for yourself, God can easily take away. There is nothing you can hide from God, including your selfishness.

Woman Holding Money
Woman Holding Money

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others. your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.
(Philippians 2:3-5)

Do we want God to separate Himself from us because He cannot trust us with the knowledge He shares?

Almighty Father,
I give thanks and glory to You for all the things that You have done,
not just for me but for the entire world.
I pray for an increase in my spirit of giving and sharing,
and that it will come naturally, without any hesitation or reservation.
Let me take delight in sharing as much as I can with others.

I admit my weakness in sharing all of the wonderful things You have provided to me.
Let me no longer think about myself first, second, or third -- only last, if at all.

resources: No compromises
Rhonda Owen-Smith

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~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Mimi, this is so good! You have a gift of helping others do the right thing. Truthfully, you are the reason I started going back to church.
I had missed alot of church since John's accident and almost gave up on it. Then I started reading your blog and felt like I should try church one more time.
This is my 5th week back. I have been going Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night.
You have helped me more than you will ever know.
And thank you so much for the compliment on my story.
Sending you lots of love, Nita

Dawn said...

Wow - the previous comment gives me the shivers - what a blessing your blog has been to us! Thank you for this challenging message today.

Me said...

This is what I am trying to actively practice in my life right now - I love how God uses you to affirm what is best.

Mary said...


What a wonderful post. You teach such lovely lessons and I find a sense of tranquility here, as I've told you before. Your words about sharing as children brought me back so many memories. I truly learn a lot when I visit here.


Tina Trivett said...

Very good post mimi. Much enjoyed.

Tracy said...

As always mimi your posts are wonderful. Very thought provoking, and motivating. Thank you for reminding us what is important.


Mary said...

Mimi, hi, what a great post, and what good lessons in life, thanks for making us think, Mary

Maxine said...

Ouch. I think you got me on a couple of things. That's the way things are now isn't it--it's all about me. But Jesus wants us to love God with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves. We already love ourselves, so He wants us to move others up to that level at least and God above all. That's so hard to do. That's why we need the help of the Spirit. Excellent post, Mimi, and great supporting poem and verses. So much meat to chew on and I thank you.

Mary said...

Hi Mimi: Yes there is a lot of sadness in my poems, but I am dealing with it but its a slow process, but am in therapy, and have been for 8 years now. Hopefully one day all this sadness will be no more..thank you...Mary
p.s. I will be back and have added you to my blogroll...

Beka said...

This is good, Mimi. There's a lot to think about here. We do indeed live in a very self-centered culture, and I think we as Christians have to be so very careful that we do not let down our guard and become conformed to the society around us.
Thanks for sharing these important thoughts!

Beverly said...

Yes. This was sooooo good to read. You are truly a blessing! I sometimes shake my head at my little sweet Lena, seeing her toddler selfishness at times. I need to stop and shake my head at myself too!! A lot of richness in this post -- thank you Mimi!!

Anonymous said...


This post stirs my heart so much. I have had to come back more than once to read it again and again. There is so much for my heart to ponder over with our Lord Jesus!
The Lord has taken me through these thoughts before; keep my hands,heart, mind open to Him so that I can be a vessel for His glory!
Your witnesses to the truth that you are sharing are in your posted comments you are receiving.
Thank you, Mimi, for your willing heart to share.

Jodi said...

"When we take our money and hold tight
concentrating on it with all our might,
We act as though it belongs only to us."

Acting as though it is ours when indeed all things belong to Him - therein lies the problem. Wonderful devotion, Momma. And I will say that you and Daddy are truly the two most generous people I've know. Not just with your children and grandchildren and your parents and your extended family (and Yes! you've been generous with all of us) ... but also with those that have worked for you, or just crossed your path. I pray that JR and I are faithful to follow the example you have set for us!

Saija said...

i guess when we take "ownership" of things that are only lent to us ... by God ... we mess up ...

blessings on you!

joan said...


This is truely a great post and it is hard to to become wrapped up in wordly things in this day. It's a constant struggle! Thanks for the good message.