Monday, December 8, 2008


Plum Pudding Served for a Frontier Family's Christmas Dinner, 1800s
Plum Pudding Served for a Frontier Family's Christmas Dinner, 1800s

There's nothing quite like Christmas!
The fragrance, sights and sounds,
Where love for friends and neighbors
Just ev'rywhere abounds.
There's cookies in the oven--
Cranberries and the turkey,
With pudding, pie and more!
The tinsel and the garland's
Reflecting in the light,
And brightly ribboned presents
Are keeping secrets tight.
The flicker of the candles
makes shadows on the wall
Where distant fam'ly members
Will gather, one and all.

Neighbors Celebrating Christmas Eve with a Sleigh Ride, 1800s
Neighbors Celebrating Christmas Eve with a Sleigh Ride, 1800s

An echo of the sleigh bells
Just seems to fill the air;
The sparkle of the snowflakes
Is one of beauty rare.

There's mistletoe and holly
And Christmas angels, too,
The village church is open...
Its bell is calling you.
Christ really is the reason
We celebrate today...
We enter in to worship
In our own quiet way.

Church in the Snow at Christmas
Church in the Snow at Christmas

The singing of the carols
Brings joy to ev'ry heart...
Majestically, the organ
Chimes in to do its part.
That warm and special feeling
When Christmastime is here,
Should be a part of living
Each day throughout the year!

Anna M. Matthews
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Merry Christmas
Love, Mimi


Cathy said...

Very beautiful, Mimi and your pictures are excellent, as usual ~

Redeemed By His Love said...

What wonderful words to remember!
I love the new look of your blog!
Very Christmasy! With all the pictures of snow,I am glad you have a nice warm fire going (on your sidebar).
Miriam :)

Mary said...

Mimi, I love the look of your blog, and the music and pictures are so beautiful, Merry Christmas to you and your family, and all the blessings in the New Year..Mary

Mary said...
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Barbara said...

Beautiful poem, Mimi. Love the pictures,too. And I love Christmas.

Maxine said...

It's always such a delight to read your poems with the lovely picture adornments. I love all the different ways that my blogging friends express themselves. Each person's blog has a special personality and I so love visiting. Isn't it a blessing? You're a blessing, Mimi!

Mary said...

What a beautiful poem and the graphics are perfect. Thank you for sharing. This brought back memories of my days on the farm. Did you happen to read my article on Christmas Memories? I remember riding in the sleigh and it was such fun.

I enjoyed visiting with you, as always. Thanks for your kind comments. One of my greatest joys is giving to others.

Sorry it's been so long since I've been over, but with Aunt May's passing and my terrible cold, I've been laying low.

Take care and have a wonderful time preparing for the celebration of Christ's birth.


~~Deby said...

Beautiful Mimi...and you always put up such great pictures...
I enjoyed this very much.