Saturday, December 6, 2008

For a Very Special Granddaughter

"What Joy it brings
to know
the caring touch
of a granddaughter's
The happy smile
on a granddaughter's
The gentle love
in a granddaughter's

Granddaughters are meant
for grandparents to love,
To think about often,
and feel so proud of---

That's why this brings love
and warm wishes to you
For a wonderful day
and a happy year, too!

this is the big number 13!!!

Happy Birthday Brittany
Love, Mimi and Papaw


Adrienne said...

Happy birthday to your granddaughter. She is a pretty young lady. ~Adrienne~

Lille meg said...

Oh, Mimi! It is beautiful words!
Lucky you who has grandchildren, and lucky your grandchildren, too, who has such a grammie like you!
Happy birthday to her!

Have a blessed weekend!:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mimi. I love you!

Love ~

Denise said...

Beautiful granddaughter....... and what a wonderful Grandmother you are...... I am waiting on my grandchildren......... twiddling my thumbs,, waiting patient! NOT !

Have a blessed week and slow down once in a while and take a deep breath........... Ti's the season for joy and peace..........

Cathy said...

She is such a pretty granddaugher, Mimi.

nannykim said...

I agree!! Granddaughters are such a delight!!!

Maxine said...

Happy Birthday to Brittany. What a lovely young lady. What a blessing she surely is and what a blessing you must be to her.

jennifer said...

Precious grandaughter, precious post!

Barbara said...

You have a beautiful granddaughter. Happy 13th birthday to her. Our only granddaughter will be 19 on March 11th. And, she is also very special.