Thursday, December 4, 2008

This Most Special Night

Soft is the sound of a donkey's hoofed-feet
As slowly it's led down a Bethlehem street,
For the burden it bears is a young, pregnant wife
Who carries within her the glorious life
Of a Child to be born this most special night,
And a great star is casting its radiant light
To brighten their way to a neighboring inn
Where the voices of guests can be heard from within!
Joseph Leading Mary on Donkey
Joseph Leading Mary on Donkey

But the innkeeper says he must turn them away,
Suggesting a stable as a place they can stay,
So Mary and Joseph wait there in the gloom
'Til Jesus is born in this cold, rustic room...
And laid in a manger, surrounded by sheep
Who are puzzled, no doubt, by the company they keep;

Arrival of Shepherds to See the Baby Jesus in the Stable
Arrival of Shepherds to See the Baby Jesus in the Stable

And it seems such a poor, inappropriate thing--
This manger that cradles a newly-born King!

Yet tonight the whole earth becomes His birthplace,
For the billowing seas foam to pillows of lace;
The valleys and meadows His cradle enfold
And the hillsides form coverlets, emerald and gold!

Starry Night by Corey Ford
Starry Night

The murmuring streams sing His sweet lullabies
And His robes are white clouds and the blue velvet skies;
While the angels rejoice in the heavens above

Heilige Nacht
Heilige Nacht

As the Father smiles down on His Son with love!

John C. Bonser

pictures courtesy of all posters


Mike Golch said...

great post.thanks for it.I hope that you are having a great day.

Saija said...

i love the sweetness, love ... the feel of Christmas ...

What a gift! What a God!


Paula said...

Ah, the first and best Christmas story ever! I always read this from the Bible to my kids on Christmas Eve when they were little.
I love the pictures that you found to go along with your post!

Cathy said...

A beautiful poem with lovely pictures, Mimi ~