Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Runaway

A special post for "Inquiring Minds"

Once when the snow of the year was beginning to fall,
We stopped by a mountain pasture to say, "Whose colt?"

Colt by Sharon A. Eide

A little Morgan had one forefoot on the wall,
The other curled at his breast. He dipped his head
And snorted at us. And then he had to bolt.

We heard the miniature thunder where he fled,
And we saw him, or thought we saw him, dim and grey
Like a shadow against the curtain of falling flakes.
"I think the little fellow's afraid of the snow.

Horse Running Through Snow by Kathy Heister
Running Through Snow

He isn't winter-broken. It isn't play
With the little fellow at all. He's running away.
I doubt if even his mother could tell hem, 'Sakes,
It's only weather.' He'd think she didn't know!

Where is his mother? He can't be out alone."
And now he comes again with clatter of stone,
And mounts the wall again with whited eyes
And all his tail that isn't hair up straight.

Brown Mare and Fowl by Ruane Manning
Brown Mare and Fowl

He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies.
"Whoever it is that leaves him out so late,
When other creatures have gone to stall and bin,
Ought to be told to come and take him in."
--Robert Frost

Thoughts for the Inquiring Minds:
  • Why was the colt running away?
  • What kind of horse is a Morgan?
  • Where did the name come from?

Morgan Horse, Running Montana by Alan And Sandy Carey
Morgan Horse, Running Montana

Exercise your brain
Love Mimi


Lille meg said...

I have never heard of Morgan horses. But your pictures are beautiful, and so are the horses, too.
I understand that Morgan is a sort of horse, not the name of it?

Me said...

A Morgan is a type of horse developed by Justin Morgan - it is a rare breed that is equally comfortable being ridden as it is pulling a cart.

I had forgotten this poem - thanks for recalling...

Mimi said...

you do know your horses...you are absolutely right...
thanks for the comment!!!

Jodi said...

Well this poem does leave one hoping that the owner did come and get the poor little fella safely in the barn for the night.

Hey, I like your blinking lights and Christmas clock! You're looking quite full of Christmas cheer over here. :o)

Me said...

I used to read books both fiction and non-fiction when I was in grade school and I've been blessed with a good memory.

~Karen~ said...

I don't have a clue, but my youngest would. She's educated herself all about horses. ;o)
Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

Beverly said...

I once read a book about a beautiful Morgan horse. This was a delightful poem coupled with lovely pictures. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Cathy said...

Just a beautiful post, Mimi ~ The pictures of the horses are wonderful.

Paula said...

You can read "Justin Morgan Had a Horse" for all the answers!
Absolulety beautiful post, Mimi!