Thursday, December 3, 2015

Once Upon A Time

It was Saturday night July 22, 1959. Carol was 17 years old , had just graduated from high school about a month and a half earlier, and was scheduled to start Nursing School in a couple more weeks.

  • Her friend Mary Lou called and asked her to fill in on a blind date for another friend (who had become ill- with cold feet) and go on a double date with Mary Lou, her boyfriend Jerry, and his friend Frank to a movie..

Carol asked her mother , who said "you can go this time but don't ask me again because I will have to say no next time."

  • Meanwhile up at the military base Jerry was asking his friend Joe if he would fill in for Frank(who had also become ill - with cold feet). Joe said," I will do it this time... but don't ask me again because I will tell you no!"

The four young people, Mary Lou, Jerry, Carol and Joe went to a drive-in movie. The two young men had borrowed $5.00 for the evening date!!

The movie cost $1.00 per car load..that left $4.00 for burgers and soda afterwards.
Joe (who was very honest and straight forward) said to the girls after the movie... "we have only $4.00 to spend on food, so don't order very heavy. The girls complied and only ordered a frosty Root Beer... so they were able to have a wonderful time on only $5.00.

  • That was the beginning of the courtship of Joe and Carol. They continued to see each other as often as they could.(Joe was a military policeman who worked crazy shifts and Carol was enrolled in Nursing School).They spent much of their "date" time sitting at Carol's house while she was studying for exams and Joe dozed on the couch waiting to go on guard duty at 11:00 PM. Carol's younger brother Larry was stretched out on the floor in front of the T.V. Keeping Joe company as he dozed.

Many of their dates also consisted of going to Church and activities associated with the Church.
Those $1.00 per car load drive in movies also came in handy for an inexpensive date.

On Dec. 3, 1960 Joe married Carol
Bride and groom, Chicago, IL by Mark Segal
Bride and groom,
and took her away from her family home to the place where he grew up, which was about 1800 miles away from her home (he was discharged from Active duty in the Army on Dec. 9th 1960)
  • All went wonderfully well until October 1, 1961, on which date Joe received a notice from Uncle Sam that he had 30 days to get his affairs in order and report for active duty at Ft. Gordon Georgia. They were both heart broken,"but I thought we were going to live happily ever after!" Carol sobbed. "We will when this is over." Joe reassured her.

So Joe moved Carol into a basement apartment close to the Hospital where she worked. He kissed her good by, and went off to serve his additional obligation in the Army, leaving Carol 1800 miles away from her family home.

Joe was able to hitch rides from the base up to visit Carol on a regular basis.

  • On one of these visits Carol became pregnant. Wonderful news you say? Well yes andno...This added additional stress on them both, because Carol was all alone 1800 miles from her mommie, and Joe was about 250 miles away from Carol.

Carol did a lot of growing up during those long months alone, away from everyone she loved.

Joe was released from his obligation with Uncle Sam's Army on August 9, 1962 and their first daughter was born August 24, 1962.

  • Joe was home, they had a beautiful baby girl and everything was wonderful once again. They bought a little home and lived happily with their little girl.
  • And on April 24, 1965 the Lord blessed them with another beautiful baby girl. This made their life complete!

Their life was very peaceful and content, the girls were growing and becoming more precious with each growing year. And then the two girls found their prince charming's within a week of each other. The oldest daughter was married Oct. 6, 1984 and the youngest daughter was married Jan. 11, 1986.

On April 23, 1986 Joe and Carol became "Grammie and Papaw" to a beautiful baby girl! And on Oct. 8, 1988 they became "Grammie and Papaw" again to a beautiful baby boy!

  • Live was good!! Joe and Carol had two wonderful daughters, two delightful sons in law and two beautiful grandchildren.

  • Then on June 30,1990 the family grew once again.. they became "Grammie and Papaw" to a wonderful little baby boy.
When this little boy tried to say"Grammie and Papaw"... he couldn't quite get his mouth around Grammie... so when he thought he was saying Grammie, he was saying Mimi... so now Joe and Carol were known as "Mimi and Papaw"...

  • The family continued to grow as on Dec. 6, 1995 a beautiful baby girl was added. On April 18, 1998 a beautiful little baby boy was lost as God took him before he breathed breath as a stillborn. God remained faithful even through the sadness..

  • But more blessings were in store for the family of Joe and Carol as on July 1, 1999 another beautiful, lively baby girl was presented to Mimi and Papaw by her proud parents. And on March 14, 2002 another bouncing baby boy joined the clan. Not finished yet, on Feb. 19, 2004 a very lively baby boy joined the family. Last, but certainly not least, on March 30, 2009 yet another beautiful baby Girl made her entrance into the very blessed family. 
  • But the family was to grow once again when Grandson number two married a beautiful, sweet, and loving young lady.

When Carol agreed to substitute on that Blind date 56  years ago this past July she had no idea what God had in store for her.

Now one would ask, "so did Joe and Carol live happily ever after?"

And the answer would definitely be:

"With the help of God, Joe gave 110% and Carol gave 110%, there were many bumps in the road, and quite a few discussions that eventually became agreements, so yes they have lived happily ever after!!"

"Happy Anniversary my Darling Joe (papaw)
from your loving wife Carol (Grammie,Mimi)"
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hailey's beats and bits said...

happy anniversary...!!!!mwahhh!

Mimi said...

Thank you Hailey.....

Be Inspired Always said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Beautiful post!


Jodi said...

Happy Anniversary, ((Mom and Dad))!! I love you both and am so *very* thankful you both went on that blind date. ;o)

Anna S said...

How beautiful!!! Happy anniversary!

Mimi said...

Thank you Jillian.....


I guess you are glad that we went on that "Blind Date" ...............:-)

Mimi said...

thanks for your good wishes....

Maxine said...

Oh, Mimi, what a beautiful story! Blessings to you both and Happy Anniversary. God is so good!!

Tina Trivett said...

How sweet is your story. Happy anniversary!

Mimi said...

thanks for your comments and for stopping by....
God is indeed good!!

thanks for your comments and for stopping by, and sharing my story with me......

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That is the most beautiful, inspiring post. Please come visit me at Daisy Bouquet. Mary

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Happy Anniversary!

I wanted to pop over and thank you for your kind comment on my living room post. I agree with you, my mother-in-law does do lovely craft work and sewing, I'm very blessed! (o:


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Mrs. B.
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I really enjoy your blog and visit you quite often... I just don't comment every time... but I love to
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Have a blessed week...

Cathy said...

Aw, Mimi, that is so sweet. Thanks for telling us all that! Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple.

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful post and a great story. God is so good and works in mysterious ways.

B. said...

Happy anniversary Mimi and Papaw!

Pam said...

Happy 47th anniversary Darling Mom and Dad!! I enjoyed reading the story of our lives in your words. I love you both very much!

Mary said...

A beautiful love story. Happy Anniversary and blessings for many more.

Mimi said...

thanks for the best wishes... Jodi told me she was going to tell you how to do the Copyright sign... and it worked...

thank you for your kind anniversary wishes... I hope you are feeling better...

thank you by dear grand son for remembering that is is your old Mimi and Papaws Anniversary...

glad you dropped by my blog... and actually Commented
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thanks for the visit and the kind wishes for our Anniversary...

Annie said...

What a wonderful life story, Happy Anniversary!
I love visiting your blog!

Beka said...

Dear Mimi,

What a beautiful story! God has been so good to you, indeed. I'm sure that when you went on that blind date, you had no idea of how your whole life would be affected! I'm so glad God is in complete control of our lives, aren't you?

The wedding picture you posted is so cute! I really enjoyed seeing that.

And p.s.-- I am (was) a nurse too! I'm not working any more, but worked in the ER for 5 years and Neonatal ICU for almost 2 years.

nannykim said...

Good story ;-)

Me said...

An absolutely delightful post. I love to here stories like yours stories that so clearly show God's love and action in your life. The directing hand of God is both huge and awesome and also moves with the finesse of the most intricate surgeon every know.

Pam said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you both!!